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Popular Twitter Account Faces Backlash After Posting 'Controversial' Photo


A Twitter account’s posted photo has gone viral after the controversial image had been shared online by Medical Shots - creating outcry and rage from netizens due to the controversial message behind the costumes.

The caption says: “The caption for the photo was "This is cute, isn't it?” along with a heart eyes emoji.


The image, showing a little blonde-ponytailed girl and a little boy holding hands at the inside of the hospital’s hallway, and showed the girl’s prints with a 'Nurse in Training', while the boy’s green scrubs had 'Doctor in Training' respectively.

Some Twitter users are divided with their thoughts on the children’s costume, but most of them had agreed that the image was indeed a big “no” for the community, where thousands had agreed that the costume was indeed “sexist” and “offensive”, labeling it with a harmful message to the kids, as the genders shouldn’t be forcibly made unto the mindset of the younger generations.


Despite gaining over 15,000 likes from the post, many had shown their distaste for the photo, commenting on how “ the image isn't cute at all — it's sexist.”

'The children are cute. The sexism on their backs is NOT,' tweeted a woman named Deirdre Marie-Iha.

'How did you tweet this from the year 1950?' asked Jill Tatara.

“It’s actually sexist as *** and an inaccurate representation, since, as of 2017, there are more women in medical school than men,” another user wrote.

'No it’s not. Why isn’t she a Dr as well? Or why is the boy not a nurse?' asked yet another one.

'At my job we REGULARLY will have a female doctor and male nurse in a room and the patient assumes he’s the doctor even though she’s the one with the white coat on,' added someone named Charis. 


Another user has even photoshopped the image, re-writing the text as "health professional in training," while another had even further improved the image by making the photo fully-gender neutral, changing it to black and white.

The Twitter account posting the photo has not yet released a statement to the issue.

Sources: ABC 7 / Photo Credit: ABC 7

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