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Popeyes Employee Fired After Officer Claims He Found Spit, 'Derogatory' Remark In His Meal

MySA has reported that a police officer in San Antonio had more than chicken with his dinner from a Popeyes at the North Eastside.

Reports claim that an employee of Popeyes was fired with an accusation of spitting on the officer's food, yelling "ACAB" which is an acronym for "all cops are bastards".

According to the report, the officer sat in the drive-thru line awaiting his order as he heard the employee yell "ACAB". But he dismissed it until he was away from the drive-thru and read the four letters written on his food box with a black marker. He also stated that he saw saliva on his food and he had to discard the order.

Popeyes released a statement on Monday saying it had fired the employee connected with the incident.

The company spokesperson said in a statement that they had apologized to the officer.

They stated that the actions of one team member have no reflection on the values of the brand. Neither does it reflect the top-level service the company strives to give its customers. They added that the team member is no longer an employee of the restaurant, and the officer has received apologies from the owner.

Sources: America Now

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