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Police Receive Troubling Report, React Immediately


Residents in Fresno, California no longer feel safe. After video footage showed the moment that a man was knocked unconscious with a baseball bat and left to himself in the middle of a road, people became very worried. The video was shared on social media where it quickly became a viral sensation about Fresno’s masochists – thankfully someone had the wherewithal to report the video footage to the police who promptly launched an investigation to find the man responsible for the brutal attack.

Before long, police realized that the assault occurred in Central Fresno. The police also knew that Deplo Sanchez was the man who shared the video footage with the media. The video shows two men, both of whom are believed to be homeless. They are each armed with a blunt object. One man holds a metal rod that is thought to be part of a bed frame while the other man, the winner of the fight, carries a baseball bat.

61-year-old Phillip Ray Lester has the baseball bat. He is a fierce fighter as the viral footage proves. And as the tides turn in his direction, he lands a brutal blow to the victim, which promptly knocks him unconscious.

Fresno Police did not want to get involved in person until they had to. That’s why they sent their taxpayer-funded helicopter to scout out the homeless-man fight first.

“Before officers arrived we had our police helicopter fly overhead trying to get them to stop and drop their weapons,” said Lt. Mark Hudson.

When officers realized that there was no stopping this fight from the air, they sent officers in on foot. That’s when they found the victim unconscious and Lester celebrating his victory in the fight. The police administered medical aid to the unconscious victim and arrested Lester.

Lester was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Now he is booked at the Fresno County Jail where he is expected to remain until his court hearing.

“I’m glad officers were there because this was a dangerous individual that needed to go to jail,” Hudson said.

Besides the charges of violent crimes, Lester was also hit with charges related to drug possession/abuse and domestic violence.

Police said the following about why the fight was happening in the first place.

“(Lester) went to the other homeless persons camping area began tearing down his tent,” Hudson said. “That’s when the victim confronted him, and that’s when the suspect began striking him with a baseball bat.”

The neighbor wished to remain anonymous. But he made it clear that he never expected almost to watch a man get killed on his way home.

“I saw a man lying on the ground; his head was cut open. There was blood on his head flowing onto the street,” the neighbor said.

The victim is now getting treated at the Community Regional Medical Center. His injuries are serious.

The neighbor added, “Unfortunately this is an intersection for homeless people and drug addicts.”

What do you think about the footage and the violent outcome?

Sources: ABC 30 / Photo Credit: Post Image

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