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Police Officer Fired Over ‘Offensive’ Costume Party Outfit

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

When a University of Missouri police officer decided to dress up in blackface, he quickly learned that such behavior was not tolerated. The white police officer has since become the poster child of “doing it wrong” after he posed in a photo wearing blackface to dress up as the black rapper Flavor Flav. The police officer was immediately terminated as soon as campus officials saw the offensive picture.

The offending officer was former Officer Marcus Collins, who worked at the University of Missouri Police Department. He lost his job after the officials at the university came across the image of him wearing blackface and an oversized clock to mock rapper Flavor Flav. The image was taken before Collins had a job with the police department, but it was enough for him to lose his job immediately.

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

Blackface has a long history of racism and was used as a way for white people to mock black people and spread false stories and lies about them as a race.

“This type of behavior is not tolerated at Mizzou, and we understand how this impacts our entire community profoundly,” Chancellor Alexander Cartwright said in a statement released to all major news organization. “Racism, hate and insensitive behavior have no place on our campus. We are committed to our values of respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence, and to making our campus a place where everyone feels welcome and protected.”

Because the campus police officer wore blackface, many students on campus did not feel safe and worried that the police department would not support them in a time of need.

People have demanded an apology from Collins following the release of the damning image. They are also demanding more explanation from the university including how he was able to get the job in the first place despite the offensive content on his social media page.

School officials said they promptly fired Collins as soon as they learned about the racist photo. They brought the image to the attention of high-ranking officials at the educational institution, which has 30,000 students, and the decision was a no-brainer. The school would not tolerate it at all and not for a minute longer.

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

“Once we were able to verify it was Collins in the photo and Collins acknowledged that, shortly after a discussion with top university officials, he was terminated,” spokesman Christian Basi said.

Although there is nothing racist about dressing up as Flavor Flav as a costume, there is no need to include the color of his skin in the costume design. A white person can dress as a black person, but they do not need to change the color of their skin and include that as part of the “costume.” In that way, blackface is offensive.

What do you think about the University of Missouri’s response to their cop’s blackface picture?

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