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Police Finally Catch The Person Who Was Stealing From A Child's Grave


A heartbroken couple in Oklahoma seeks to find justice and answers in finding the culprit who have been repeatedly stealing sentimental items from their son’s grave.

The couple, namely Jacob and Tashanna Armstrong, have been frequently visiting their son’s tomb, McKade, who had unfortunately died at birth. To help cope with their loss, they offer their son a few dear mementos and tokens of their love like little toys and pinwheels in his grave.

However, it seems that the items had mysteriously gone missing, making the couple deeply upset. In an article from Inside Edition, the mother Tashanna says:


"This pinwheel doesn't mean a whole lot to the next person, but it does mean a lot to the person who placed it there," she says.

Her husband, Jacob, also feels deep remorse about the incident and decided to set up a hidden camera to help catch the culprit red-handedly. After a few hours, they had finally captured the video showing two suspicious suspects lurking around the boy’s grave, but had blurry faces.

Jacob, once again had reset the camera and angled the video to make sure the second video shows the culprit’s real faces, and finally caught the suspect stealing a pinwheel from the child’s grave.

Deputy Chief James Logsdon at the North Enid Police Department had decided to help the couple on their case, as he shares the same sentiments as his own sister had tragically suffered the same fate and had been buried near McKade’s grave as well.


With the newfound evidence, they had successfully captured the 77-year old man named Alfred Boyer, who now faces the charge of petty larceny. "It would be hard to find a more defenseless victim than someone buried out here," Logsdon tells Inside Edition.

"I'm sorry I did that,"Boyer remorsefully says. "I'm not a bad person."

Sources: Inside Edition / Photo Credit: Inside Edition

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