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Police Dispatcher Faces Calls To Resign Over 'Offensive' Facebook Post About Protesters


A female 911 dispatcher in St. Louis City has sparked outrage in the community after she criticized protesters for causing her to work long hours.

She complained that she now had to work 12 hour shifts because of the protests, and went as far as calling the protesters "a bunch of animals." She added that her life had been turned upside down.


Due to her position as a public servant, the community lashed black, reminding her that the lives of the unarmed black men killed by law enforcement were also turned upside down.

The Ethical Society of Police stated that she was racist, and asked for her dismissal.


James Clark with the Urban League said: “Right now everyone needs to be able to take a collective deep breath. Everyone has to be able to reflect on what’s going on and the best posture to take is that of peace and of resolve. The peaceful protestors are acting within their rights and peaceful protests are how things get done”

St. Louis Metropolitan Police stated that they were aware of the post and that an investigation had been launched.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: KMOV St Louis

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