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Police Department Forced To Apologize Over 'Offensive' Sign Seen Inside Police Van


A photo emerged from Baltimore where police are now investigating regarding the incident where a controversial signage inside a police vehicle can be seen.

The sign reads: "Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!"


This photo has been allegedly tied to the tensions from the death of Freddie Gray whilst in police custody, setting off riots and protests all over Baltimore this year.

According to the report from the prosecutors, Gray suffered a critical neck injury just last April after being detained by the Baltimore police’s transport vehicle while being handcuffed and shackled on his back. The police transport vehicle had made several stops, where six police officers have been charged due connections to his death.

The investigation had quickly started when the door sign of the police van had circulated online, where many have criticized the issue and bringing it to light just last Thursday.


Baltimore City Police Sgt. Jarron Jackson said: "The nature and the posting of the wording is both concerning and unacceptable."

Albeit the city has not yet confirmed the authentication of the photos, Jackson reportedly states that the officials are taking the matter "very seriously."

"Deputy Police Commissioner Dean Palmere has ordered that an inspection of all departmental vehicles be conducted," and "Internal investigations will be initiated when appropriate," Jackson said.


On the report from CNN affiliate WBAL, they reported that they have already spoken to the photographer of the viral photo, who refused to be identified publicly. She had also sent the newspaper the original version of the sign from her phone’s photo.

The Baltimore City Paper as well as the WBAL has not yet released an issue on how long the sign has been inside the police van, nor how long had it been placed inside the transport vehicle as well. 

Sources: CNN / Photo Credit: CNN

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