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Patriotic Homeowners Receive 'Hate Mail' For Flags On Their Property, Refuse To Remove Them


A number of Marlborough residents were the targets of hateful messages because of the American flags flying outside their homes.

The homeowners stated that the hate mail would not disrupt their beliefs or tamper with their patriotism.

Speaking about the flags outside her home, Ashley Meyer stated: “There are 12 flags on the bottom. Two up top. One in honor of my grandfather. The other in honor of our other friends who have served our country.”


She received anti-American and anti-government flyers in her mailbox.

She said, “Someone took all this time to send all this through the mail. Clearly, they have no patriotism and aren’t proud of our country.”

Ken Hjulstrom, who also received the flyers, said, “I’m a very proud American. My son is a veteran with Army National Guard, spent time in Iraq. My father was a World War II veteran.”


He added: “This I think is really over the top in terms on content.”

The two maintained that the flyers did not scare them, and that they would not remove their flags. They even encouraged more people to fly the American flag.

“I hope everybody in Connecticut puts flags up everywhere just to show people like this who are so hateful that we need to ban together,” Meyer said.


However, Hjulstrom and Meyers were not the only residents who received the envelope.

They hope that police will be able to track down the people responsible for sending the documents.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Fox News

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