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Patagonia Turns Heads With Election Message On Clothing Tags

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia is urging its customers to vote out political candidates who maintain that climate change does not exist. According to NBC News, the company is printing “Vote the a--holes out" onto the labels on some of its shorts.

Speaking to NBC News, Patagonia spokesperson Tessa Byars stated that the company’s 2020 "Men’s and Women’s Road to Regenerative" organic stand-up shorts had the message printed underneath the inner tag.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

“We have been standing up to climate deniers for almost as long as we’ve been making those shorts,” Byars said. She maintained that the message is not explicitly directed at the Trump administration, but that it was one that Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard has historically used.

"It refers to politicians from any party who deny or disregard the climate crisis and ignore science, not because they aren't aware of it, but because their pockets are lined with money from oil and gas interests," Byars added.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Patagonia’s message comes as wildfires ravage the West Coast. Despite various scientists and experts stating that warming temperatures are to blame for the severity of the fires, President Trump and other top Republicans are questioning whether climate change is playing a role.

In 2017, Patagonia filed a lawsuit aiming to block President Trump from decreasing the size of the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, stating that Trump’s announcement was an “extreme overreach in authority.” 

Trump's actions saw the size of Bears Ears reduced by 84 percent.

Sources: America Now

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