Stray Dog With Stomach Cut Open Found In Trash (Video)


A dog was found in a pile of rubbish in the streets of India with her stomach cut open, and her organs spilling out. The crying grey-colored canine was malnourished and sickly.

Luckily, the mutt was saved by animal rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited, founded and operated by a family from Seattle, Washington, who were shocked by the number of suffering animals in India.

The dog’s rescue was recorded by the organization and posted on YouTube. The circumstances of the dog’s predicament are currently unknown.

It’s estimated that India has 25 million stray dogs and the fear of rabies is widespread, reports the Sydney Morning Herald in March 2015.  

Geeta Seshamani, founder of animal welfare organization Freindicoes told the Sydney Morning Herald: "We see dogs tortured by acid attacks, dogs who are stabbed or deliberately run over by cars - there is a feeling that you can do anything to these animals."

The government has passed laws ordering stray dogs to be vaccinated, but the problem is enforcement. As a result, only 15% of dogs are vaccinated in India.

"Seventeen million Indians are bitten by stray dogs each year," says Rozario Menezes, founder of People for Elimination of Stray Animals. "If that is not terrible suffering I don't know what is."

The World Health Organization estimates that 20,000 people die of rabies in India annually, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. 

However, there are no accurate statistics on the extent of rabies deaths as Indian law does not require doctors to report human infections, according to the BBC.

Sources: Sydney Morning Herald, BBC, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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