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Owner's Dog Dies While At The Kennel And When She Goes To Pick Him Up, Dog Is Wrapped Up In Duct Tape

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It was a devastating and horrifying return from a vacation for Kirsten Kinch after finding her pet dog dead and wrapped in duct tape at a kennel.

Kinch and her family traveled to Iceland for three days last December. When they returned to Dublin, they were shocked after P&E Boarding Kennels and Cattery informed them that their husky, Nova, had died from internal bleeding.

However, what horrified the family was how the deceased pet’s body was handled.

It was further confirmed by Kinch that before they went on vacation, Nova already had a history of colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. However, the dog was successfully treated and the vet confirmed her health before she was boarded in the kennel.


In her Facebook post, Kinch also stated that she was informed by the kennel’s staff that there was “blood coming from her” when Nova was found in the morning. Kinch further said that she thought it was only a joke as Nova was healthy when they left her three days prior. She further stated that there was “so little care and empathy” in how the dog was handled after her death and that it was “traumatic” for her and her family to carry her dog’s body to the car. Kinch also made sure to take the dead dog to a vet to confirm, using the microchip, that the animal was her beloved pet.

It has also been a hard time for Paddy Cullen of P&E Boarding Kennels and his family. After Kinch’s Facebook post, he and his family have been receiving death threats from those who sympathized with Kinch.


Cullen went on to explain that he called a vet after finding the dog dead with a “big pile of blood from her behind.” The vet had instructed him to wrap the dog’s body so that other dogs could be safe from infections and if in any case it was a parvo virus. Colitis has also been known to have the same symptoms as parvo.

Kinch, on the other hand, has sent an email to P&E demanding answers, but is still awaiting a response.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Facebook/Kirsten Kinch

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