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Officials Notice Something Odd About Shipment Of Duffel Bags, Make $18 Million Discovery

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In Philadelphia, officials have made history. In what is being considered one of the biggest drug busts of all time, authorities seized at least 450 kilograms of cocaine at the city’s Port of Philadelphia last Tuesday morning. The drug bust, which is extremely massive, shocked authorities and residents alike as white brick after white brick of the narcotic substance was found in the city.

The drug smugglers used the most basic trick in the book – stuffing the illegal drugs in black duffel bags. These bags were found piled on top of each other in a metal shipping container that was traveling from Colombia in South America to Europe. The shipping container was on board the MSC Desiree. It is unclear if the ship has a connection to the drug providers or if they are innocent of the cargo they were hauling overseas to other countries.

A combination of federal and local authorities found the shipping container and immediately became suspicious as the bolts of its door were clearly tampered with. It was enough grounds for these authorities to give the shipping container an extra look over and that’s when they discovered the 992 pounds of pure cocaine. The street value of the drugs would total as much as $18 million. It is the most cocaine ever seized in the city of Philadelphia and has become a major success for the police department and anti-drug smuggling officials.

This big bust is the second in as many weeks. The week before authorities found an even bigger amount of cocaine at the Port of New York and New Jersey. The smugglers are getting lazy because they’re hardly even bothering to try to hide their loot. The cocaine aboard the cargo ship pulling into the New York harbor held 3,200 pounds of the drug, which had a street value of about $77 million. This was the largest cocaine bust in the area in a quarter century.

With these two massive drug busts in as many weeks, the organizations shipping them are likely hurting for cash. Losing nearly $100 million worth of goods would be enough to put anyone out of business or at least threaten their livelihood.

Federal agents started to pay closer attention to shipping containers that were tampered with. Because there was a rising stock of crop production in Colombia, federal agents are looking extremely hard at how these people would be bringing the drugs into the United States – or through the United States – on the way to Europe and other parts of the world.

Because Colombia is having a wonderful season of coca plants, they drug lords in the South American country are able to produce more and more cocaine than in recent years. While the influx of supply will be able to make the drug lords more money, it will also lower the prices of cocaine on the street.

Nevertheless, this drug bust in Philadelphia still goes down as the largest ever recorded in the city.

What do you think about the increase of cocaine shipping into America?

Sources: ABC 6 / Photo Credit: Post Image

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