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Officer Gets Shot In The Head By Suspect, Returns Fire

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

On Tuesday night, a Dayton police officer shot in the left side of his face managed to return fire and shoot the suspect multiple times before calling for help for himself and the wounded suspect. The officer was also able to direct bystanders to safety.

Thadeu Holloway, an eight-year veteran with the department, was identified during a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Matt Carper, the interim director and chief, the incident began when the suspect passed a fake bill at the Dollar General Store located at 888 S. Gettysburg Ave. Holloway responded to the scene after the store called in a fraud complaint after a customer passed a counterfeit bill earlier in the day.

At 7:26 p.m., Holloway arrived at the rear of 609 Ingram Street and approached Antwayne Deon Lowe, a 39-year-old man matching the description of the suspect in the fraud call.

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

Lowe ignored Holloway and began walking away, turning to punch Holloway in the face when the officer closed in on him, Carper stated.

In response, Holloway deployed his Taser, which knocked Lowe to the ground. However, Lowe managed to reach into his pocket and pull out a handgun. He fired a shot, striking Holloway in the left side of his face.

"The officer fell to the ground and immediately returned fire with five rounds, striking the suspect multiple times. Despite his injuries, the officer was able to effectively request assistance for himself and the wounded suspect. The officer also provided for the safety of witnesses and bystanders by directing them to a place of safety," Carper stated.

Radio traffic of the incident was played during the media briefing.

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

"609 Ingram. I've been shot. ... I returned fire. I need medics and I need crews, please," Holloway is heard saying. "609 Ingram. Please hurry. I've been shot on the left side of my head. I can barely hear my earpiece."

Another officer rushed Holloway to Miami Valley Hospital in a marked cruiser. His left temporal artery had been torn in the shooting, but he was in stable condition.

Other officers aided Lowe, who was transported to Miami Valley Hospital by Dayton medics. According to police, he had been in critical condition on Tuesday night but had improved to stable condition on Wednesday.

Holloway’s bodycam footage showed the officer trying to speak to Lowe, and the moment when Lowe suddenly turned around and punched him. Immediately deploying his Taser, Lowe fell to the ground, and Holloway ordered him to put his hands behind his back and get on his stomach.

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

Photo Credit: PoliceEncounters

Ignoring the commands, Lowe reached into his pocket and took out a gun before shooting Holloway in the face.

Holloway returned fire and called for help. He stayed in contact with dispatchers, all the while asking residents to stay inside, assuring them that help was on the way.

According to Carper, Lowe’s charges will include two counts of felonious assault on a police officer as well as carrying a concealed weapon, weapons under disability and counterfeiting.

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