Nude Photos of Female High School Students Uploaded to Website with Real Names


More than a dozen nude photos of female students at Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Florida, were recently uploaded to a website.

According to the Daily Mail, some of the girls' classmates are believed to be responsible for the unidentified website. It's not clear how the nude pictures got into the hands of the perpetrator(s).

The website was taken down on Monday and the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office is investigating for possible charges of child pornography.

Apparently, after the nude pictures were uploaded and then a link to the website was shared on Twitter.

Many students at Cypress Bay High School looked at the nude pics on their cell phones, reports the Miami Herald.

Anyone who has tweeted the photos or forwarded the link could be charged with child pornography, according to authorities.

"Once those images are on their phone or iPad or computer, even if they delete them, they’re in possession. They can’t wipe that off of their hard drive," said Janet Johnson, a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.

Sources: Daily Mail and Miami Herald


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