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NFL Player Gets Fined For Wearing 'Inappropriate' Headband During Game


Linebacker Demario Davis from the New Orleans Saints’ had been fined $70,000 by the National Football League after he wore a statement headband that violated the league’s “personal message” policy. The headband had been printed, featuring the phrase "Man of God," which is against official league uniform rules.

The incident that happened just last September 22 was from the battle between the Saints and the Seattle Seahawks, where David had been warned that the fine would double, should he continue wearing the headband next time. However it seems that Davis retaliates the issue positively, in his statement:


“Of course you don't want to be fined,” he said. “Nobody wants to lose money but I think any time that the conversation about God is brought up, especially in these times, I think it's always a positive or silver lining. If he can get glory from it, I think he can get glory from it whether I personally wear the headband or don't wear the headband. He's always gonna be in control of the whole situation. We're still all good.”

He is also now reaching to other people in positive ways after facing the issue. According to his interview with USA today, he plans to sell the printed headbands and donate all of the proceeds to his selected Christian charity. "I'm hoping to put it out where fans can wear it, and I can wear it through them."


Many now wonder why the headband had caused concern by the National Football League, although it had been previously raised by other parties are they are not allowed to wear anything that can deter the game nor promote any messages by the games’ policies, and anything that has a personal opinion that can be seen through the masses while in-game can be counted as a major offense. 

Sources: PJ Media / Photo Credit: Top Stories Today

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