Newspaper's 'Offensive' Cartoon Targeting Kansas Governor Sparks Outrage

Photo Credit: KMBC 9

Photo Credit: KMBC 9

An editorial cartoon published in a small weekly newspaper in Garnett, Kansas, has been slammed nationally. The cartoon targeted Kansas Governor Laura Kelly.

Dane Hicks, the publisher of the Anderson County Weekly Review, posted the cartoon on the newspaper's Facebook page.

Hicks’ dislike of Gov. Kelly's new mask requirement was evident in the cartoon, and the caption read: "Lockdown Laura says: Put on your mask and step onto the cattle car."

"The image was deeply offensive, and does not reflect the values of Anderson County or of Kansas," Kelly stated on Monday.

Photo Credit: KMBC 9

Photo Credit: KMBC 9

Hicks later apologized in a statement, and removed the picture. He stated that the cartoon’s aim was to show that he believed Gov. Kelly’s mask requirement was a government overreach. However, he admitted that he could have employed a better example to express his disagreement with the rule.

"This is not about state or local control. This is not about personal freedom," Gov. Kelly said.

She stated that the state was at a critical point as COVID-19 cases keep rising. Health officials have revealed that they are observing clusters of new cases emerging from bars and restaurants, but not salons and barbershops.

"This is a matter of personal responsibility while we're dealing with the worst outbreak of communicable virus in a century," she said.

Photo Credit: KMBC 9

Photo Credit: KMBC 9

However, there’s pushback, as Leavenworth and Sedgwick counties voted against the mask requirement. Johnson County was locked in an intense debate before finally approving it.

The governor stated that the political cartoon was a good example of how political the idea of wearing a mask has become.

Sources: America Now

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