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New Teen Father Snaps, Loses His Mind After Baby Won’t Stop Crying


A young, 19-year-old father could not handle the responsibility of being a parent. And as every parent knows, it is the hardest job out there. However, Anthony Estrada did something that has long-lasting consequences. He “lost control” and proceeded to abuse his baby, causing symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Because he appeared to have shaken his son, he brought the sick child to the hospital, and when police learned what he had done to the innocent baby, Estrada was arrested on charges of child abuse.

Although the boy was just two-weeks old, Estrada did not have enough patience to deal with the child. He told police that he “lost control” of his emotions and abused the baby, as if that is a legitimate excuse for shaking a newborn baby, rattling the baby’s brain around in its skull.

Besides shaking the baby’s brain around, he also bit the baby’s hand hard enough to break the skin and make the newborn bleed. He did this because he had become “frustrated while carrying his son” around the house “when the child was crying.”

After Estrada had bitten the baby and shaken it around with enough force to threaten its life, he and his girlfriend brought the baby to the Banner Desert Hospital and told triage that the baby was “acting weird.” At just two-weeks-old, the baby was hardly acting anyway except tired and adorable. But that had not stopped the new teen dad from committing a horrible act of child abuse that threatened the baby’s life.

Doctors promptly realized that the baby suffered severe trauma to every quadrant of the brain. Damage was so severe that the baby required a blood transfusion. There was nothing accidental about the catastrophic damage that had been done to the baby’s brain.

Police were called to the hospital, and they started questioning Estrada about the suspected abuse. The young dad told police that “the baby fell on a couch, rolled and hit a board, which was in the frame of a couch.”

Upon further investigation, the young dad’s lies quickly unraveled. The medical examination made it blatantly clear that the baby had been abused.

Doctors do not know if the newborn will be able to survive the damage Estrada has caused it. If the baby does recover from the brain damage, it will likely live the rest of its life with a mental disability or handicap.

Tempe Police have arrested Estrada on charges of child abuse. If the child dies, those charges will be escalated to homicide.

The boy’s mom had left Estrada in charge of the newborn for “about 20 minutes.” But the young dad had such a short attention span that it felt like forever, and he could not handle it, and allegedly committed the abuse.

Teen parents have a very difficult time raising children unless they get support from their parents or other family members. Because Estrada and the boy’s mother were just children themselves, the baby was never in good hands. Estrada proved that when he “lost control” after just 20 minutes of child care, two weeks into the baby’s life.

Sources: Inquisitr / Photo Credit: Post Image

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