New Mom Makes Money By Doing Something Interesting For Married Men

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When Britney Bone gave birth to her daughter 18 months ago, she was in dire straits. Not only did she struggle to put food on the table, she simply could not make enough money to make ends meet. Then she discovered an interesting opportunity that not only kept things exciting and fresh, but it also paid well. Now Bone makes as much as $13,000 per date with a rich, married man.

While Boone’s source of income may be bizarre, it certainly helps her live the lifestyle she always dreamed of.


Britney knows that not many people approve of her line of work, but given how much money she is making, she could care less. She found a niche market and has been able to charge rich, and often married, men to go on dates with her. She’s what many people consider a sugar baby.

Although married, rich men pay her thousands of dollars to go on dates with her, she refuses to label herself as an escort. Instead, the mom from North Carolina prefers to call herself something else.


“If I had $1 for every time I’ve been called a prostitute, I’d be rich,” she said.

Before she was selling her company for dates, Britney held down a horrible sales job. However, the childcare alone ate up most of her paycheck, so she knew that she needed to discover a way to make money. She was willing to do anything – or almost anything – to get paid as much money as she possibly could.


Before she decided to go full-time as a sugar baby, Britney, 26, had some experience with sugar daddy websites. She’d earned about $9,000 over the course of three years, so she knew that if she went “full-time” as a sugar baby, she’d be rich.

A friend eventually told her about the dating site WhatsYourPrice, and Britney was hooked! She was eager to meet with as many rich, eager men as possible, so long as they were willing to throw thousands of dollars in her direction – in exchange for nothing but her company.


Britney not only takes home massive paychecks from her wealthy dates, but she also accepts their gifts of designer clothing, handbags, and everything else they’ll think will make her happy. For these rich men, it’s all about bringing a smile to her young face – something they cannot often buy with money.

“While I’m on the site for its financial incentives and not to find love, it’s a completely different thing,” she said.


Because people don’t understand her line of work, she has to fight back against the criticism that she’s a prostitute, which she argues is very different.

“Prostitutes are paid for a very specific thing, whereas I am paid for my time and there is no pressure to do anything I don’t want to do. I can understand why people think that as money is involved, but actually, I’ve only slept with one man I met on the site, who I ended up in a relationship with anyway. Anyone else I’ve met I see more as a mentor.”


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