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Mother Hears 'Awful Sound' While Walking Down Driveway, Gets Hit By Horseshoe

Alayna Walles George was walking with her mother down her driveway when tragedy struck. She ended up with a severe injury on her thigh, prompting her to warn others.

In a Facebook post, she posted a picture of her injury, captioning it: “I’ve debated on posting about my accident. A few friends have suggested that I share. It’s been on my mind all week, and I just hope that it can shed light and prevent a future accident for someone else!”

“My mom and I were walking down the driveway to go check out my backyard. We heard that awful sound. Then, it hit me. It felt like I had been shot in the leg. I’ve never actually been shot, but I imagine this is what it’s like. I had immediate immense pain in my thigh and was knocked to the ground. I sat there in disbelief at just how hard ‘it’ hit me,” she wrote.

She looked down and saw the large, deep gash on her thigh, bleeding profusely. A bruise was already forming. Alayna was in incredible pain and needed immediate medical attention, but she was grateful that she was hit on the leg and not her “face, head, chest, or other vital areas.”

When she thought about her children, she was even more thankful that she was the one hit and not her precious babies.

She explained that the noise she heard was a familiar one - the sound of a lawnmower running over something it shouldn’t. Her husband was finishing up the last small patch of the yard when she went outside, and she and her mother were a “good distance from his mowing, at least 20 feet or so.”

While she believed that she was a safe distance away, she was struck by a horseshoe that was lying in the grass. When the mower hit it, the horseshoe went flying and hit Alayna.

“We don’t even have horses and have no idea how it was there,” she wrote, stating that this was why she needed to warn others.

“We all get comfortable with our daily living and chores. We forget to take basic safety precautions that can prevent awful accidents,” she wrote.

She reiterated her gratitude that she was the one hit and not her kids, writing: “I’m certain it would’ve killed them, and I mean that as seriously as it sounds. I just hope someone reading this will remember my leg and take extra precaution with others around while mowing.” “Please, please, always be aware of your surroundings and make sure no one is near while mowing,” she concluded her post.

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