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Mother Gets Bad Feeling When 2 Child Protective Services Workers Visit, Then Learns The Truth

Photo credit: YouTube

Photo credit: YouTube

Note: we are republishing this story to raise awareness about the increase in reported human trafficking incidents and abductions in America during the coronavirus pandemic. 

They say a mother's instincts are always correct.

For Indiana mother Amanda Walker, the adage certainly held true after a visit from so-called Child Protective Service workers gave her a bad feeling.

Walker recalls the moment two women came to her house and threatened to take away her children, after initially giving her a phone call, WTHR reports.

"'We are here to investigate you and the children and maybe we have to remove the children from the premises,'" Walker recalled the woman telling her. "The first thing I said was, 'Are you kidding me? Is this real?'"

Neither women had IDs or business cards -- only a piece of paper they claimed was a court order.

Before she knew it, they walked into her house and began taking photos.

"'Lift up his leg,'" Walker recalls they told her when they'd entered the room her 1-year-old was sleeping in. "'Look at it. Lifted up his arm. Look at it.' I said, 'He's fine. There's nothing wrong with him.' I was really scared when they touched him that they were going to take him," she said.

They left that day without the children, but told her they'd be back.

Walker still felt something was off. When she called the police to check on them, her suspicions were confirmed.

Officials revealed they had no idea who the women were -- and they certainly did not work for the CPS.

"It's kind of spooky. Creepy," she said.

Now she warns other parents to be careful, and to make sure anyone who comes to the door to show an agency ID and a warrant. She also said people should read any paperwork presented carefully.

It appears she's not the first to be approached by people pretending to be government workers.

Mother April Faulkner said somebody tried to steal her baby by pretending they were with CPS also, Little Things reports.

Luckily, Faulkner realized there were no police officers with the woman, and quickly reported her to the authorities.

Similar incidents have occurred with the elderly as well.

"Something similar happened to my father who had dementia," wrote Gail Hein on Little Things' Facebook page. "I happened to walk in to find two women scoping out his home. Protect the elderly also."

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