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Mother Finds Family Dog Bleeding On Porch With Note Explaining What Happened

Photo credit: KOKI

Photo credit: KOKI

Note: we are republishing this story amid nationwide discussion regarding police accountability and the relationship between police officers and their communities. 

Angela Laymon of Oklahoma wants the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office to pay after shooting her dog and leaving it injured on her porch with a note.

Laymon came home to find her dog, Bruno, bleeding on her front porch, reports KOKI.

“He was leaning against the door crying and whining,” Laymon told KRMGG.

The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office left a note on her door explaining that a deputy had shot the dog. She checked Bruno and found a bullet wound.

“A deputy came over to ask some questions regarding the neighbor’s house and felt threatened by my dog,” Laymon said. “So he shot him on my porch. That was their story.”

Photo credit: KOKI

Photo credit: KOKI

According to Sheriff Scott Walton, Bruno didn’t bite him, but he was certain the dog would if he didn’t take action. Laymon responded that an officer should never leave an animal that was wounded just “laying there” to bleed out.

Laymon has requested the sheriff's office pay for Bruno’s medical expenses, as he will need a leg amputation. It’s possible that vets will simply have to put him down.

In response, the sheriff’s office has said that she needs to file a claim with the county if she wants them to cover Bruno’s veterinary costs.

A similar story occurred in 2014 when a family in Ardmore, Oklahoma, found out officers had shot their dog near a park, KFOR reported. Although the Ardmore Police Department claimed they shot the dog to protect the public, the family said their dog was killed without cause.

Photo credit: KOKI

Photo credit: KOKI

Sarah Brown, a neighbor of the family, explained that she overheard one officer saying how “awesome” it looked when the dog’s collar flew off.

A petition was later created on demanding the officer be fired.

Sources: KOKI, KFOR, KRMG 

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