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Mom Shares Her Experience After Not Washing Her Hair For 8 Months

27-year-old mother, Virginia Tapp, joined the “no-poo” movement, and maintains that her hair has never looked better.

Tapp swore off shampoo, conditioner, and artificial hair dye 8 months ago, and has never looked back since. She even ditched getting haircuts. She revealed that her motivations were greatly influenced by her need to protect the environment.

"In a nutshell, I started doing this because I wanted to use less stuff on my body and send less stuff down the drain," she wrote on her blog. "Isn't it just a little bit strange that we have to use three different types of soap when we wash?"

Talking about the icky phase, she stated that she didn’t see any real change in her hair for six months, except some slight oiliness on her scalp. She used a homemade remedy to deal with it.

"I scrubbed my scalp with one tablespoon of bicarb soda dissolved in a cup of warm water," she explained. Once she did this, she noticed that the oiliness was "completely gone."

To further prevent her hairs' natural oils from being stripped, she treated her hair with a banana and raw egg hair mask.

Since then, she only washes her hair with warm water.

Tapp revealed that she has no regrets. "If anything, I actually get less knots now. My hair is neither oily or dry. It doesn't smell like Palmolive, but it doesn't smell like sour milk either. It just smells like hair," she added.

Sources: America Now

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