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Mom Puts Her Kids Up For Sale Because She Claims They Were An ‘Obstacle For Dating Men’

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

Note: we are republishing this story to raise awareness about the increase in reported human trafficking incidents and abductions in America during the coronavirus pandemic. 

A young mother simply wanted an influx of cash. But the Russian woman was willing to go too far to obtain it. Because she put her newborn baby girl on the black market for sale, she has been arrested demanding a price of just $15,000 for the adorable, little girl. Because selling children on the black market is an illegal offense in Russia, the woman was caught and has been arrested and will face justice for what she did to her newborn baby girl.

Russia is having a lot of problems these days. This case is the third of its kind in recent history. The woman sold her baby for about $15,000 on the black market, handing over the newborn to a couple of strangers just a week after the child came into the world.

The woman who was willing to sell her baby for cash was 23-year-old Barnokhon Rasulzhan Kyzy. The woman even wrote out a receipt for the transaction, selling her baby for one million roubles, which converts to about $15,000.

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

However, Kyzy fell right into the trap of an anti-slavery group who worked with undercover police to catch criminals like this greedy mom. They found her advertisement to trade the baby on the black market and swooped in to catch her in the act. She was all too happy to accept the money for the newborn and even wrote the receipt out when asked to do so.

This is not the first time Kyzy has tried to sell a human. When her older daughter was about a year old, she tried to sell her for the same price but failed. No one wanted her child.

Because this crime is punishable in Russia, Kyzy confessed to her crimes. She is currently being detained for six months while the prosecution gathers all its evidence against her, sorts through the abundant supply, and creates their case to present to the judge who will slam the gavel down hard on this greedy mom willing to sell her baby into slavery for cash.

Although Kyzy lives in the oil-rich part of Russian known as Ufa, she got none of that wealth and was willing to engage in black market dealings for money to fund her habits. Russia enforces a light penalty of just six years in prison for trying to sell a person into slavery.

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

The head of Anti-Alvery Group Alternative, Oleg Melnikov said: “We prevented the sale of a newborn girl who could fall into the hands of the criminals.”

Another source in the Russian Investigative Committee added, “The life of the child is not now in danger.”

Thankfully, Kyzy fell into the hands of law enforcement. However, many babies are sold in Russia all the time and are not caught by anti-slavery groups and undercover police. If the country increased the penalty for the crimes, perhaps fewer people would engage in human trafficking.

Because of this incident, Kyzy’s children will likely be put up for adoption.

The Russian Investigative Committee warned that there is a current fad of selling babies in Russia and people need to watch out for the criminals.

Sources: The Sun

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