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Mom Outraged After Toddler Comes Home From Daycare Drunk

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

A daycare worker from Frederick County lost her license after she was caught having intoxicated a toddler with alcohol in order to make the child easier to deal with. Because the incident was illegal, sheriff’s deputies have since charged the woman with criminal charges as they hope to stop her from ever getting close to a vulnerable child ever again.

The daycare facility run out of the home of Doris Marie Ott on the 7900 block of Mount Pleasant Court near Walkersville proved to not be a safe environment for children after all. Not only did Ott falsely advertise her services, she allegedly intoxicated the child in her care as a way to sedate the baby.

Detective Michael Toste arrived at the Frederick Memorial Hospital to support the parents of the abused toddler. When he arrived at the bedside of the sick child, the mother told Detective Toste that she picked the baby up from Ott’s daycare facility. She immediately noticed that her toddler boy was not doing well. He was lethargic and appeared to be drunk.

A doctor at the hospital later confirmed that the smell of alcohol was on the baby’s breath. Not only were the signs of alcohol apparent in that way, but the doctor also ran a test to check the blood alcohol content. The results were staggering. The baby had a blood alcohol content that was almost three times the legal limit for adults to drive in Maryland.

The arrest warrant for Ott was issued charging her with neglect of a minor and reckless endangerment. When Ott was served the arrest warrant, she signed a written affidavit claiming that she would appear in court on the appointed date and face the charges against her.

Ott is working with defense attorney Michelle Martz. She defended her client and confirmed that Ott plans to contest the charges in court.

“Our client steadfastly maintains her innocence of these allegations and looks forward to her day in court,” Martz wrote in an update via email to The Frederick News-Post.

Ott, 50, denied that she ever served the toddler alcohol. Although Detective Toste questioned her aggressively, she never broke down and changed her story. She is proclaiming her innocence and sticking to it.

Besides Detective Toste, Ott had to also face off with agents from Frederick County Child Protective Services. She had to allow the group to search her home to prove that other children were not at risk while running her daycare facility from home.

The mother claims that her son was acting normally when she dropped him off at Ott’s daycare at 8:30 am. However, when she arrived to pick him up, she noticed he was slow to wake up from his nap, which was not normal. Ott called the mother at 3:45 pm and told her that the child could not be woken from the nap.

Detectives found several alcoholic beverages in Ott’s home.

Detective Toste said, “She said that she was the sole person alone with the children.”

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Sources: The Frederick News Post

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