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Mom Of Biggest Child Stars In America Arrested For Abuse

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Horrific criminal activity has been discovered in the heart of Arizona after the mother of a popular YouTube family was exposed to her violent and abusive tendencies. The charges are extremely and very worrying for all fans of mother Machelle Hackney, the creator of the popular YouTube channel about her family “Fantastic Adventures.” Thousands tuned in every week to watch the family engage in some fun activities around their Maricopa, Arizona home.

Hackney has been charged with some of the most heinous and twisted crimes imaginable including molestation of a child, child abuse, unlawful imprisonment of a child and child neglect. She was arrested in her home on Friday and will stand trial soon for these charges.


Hackney, who goes by her maiden name, Hobson, has been accused of abusing her seven adopted children who range from the ages of 6 to 15. She also forced them to perform for her YouTube channel, earning money by exploiting their child labor.

Hackney also enlisted the help of her two biological sons, Logan and Ryan Hackney, who were similarly arrested and face the charges of failing to report the abuses that were occurring on a regular basis. Although Hackney appeared to share many aspects of her family life on the YouTube channel, the truth of what was going on inside the secretive Arizona home remained a mystery to thousands of viewers until she was arrested along with her sons on Friday.

Hackney runs the Fantastic Adventures channel, which has obtained more than 250 million views and 700,800 followers. Authorities believe that the successful YouTube channel “was the reason for her mistreatment of her adopted children. She meted out punishment (off-screen), they said, when the young actors failed to remember their lines or otherwise didn’t perform as directed.”

Hackney denied all allegations of abuse and maintains that she is an angelic mother to all her children, especially her adopted ones.

However, the Washington Posts paints her as more of a monster than a mother.

“When the camera wasn’t rolling, however, police say the seven adopted children were being starved and sequestered for days in a closet with a bare tile floor. Its color evoked a green room, almost like a staging area for their performances.”

Hackney was obsessed with her YouTube channel and seemed willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of her adopted children for its success.

“The children reported being removed from school several years ago to focus on the videos,” the Post reports. “When they were interviewed by police, they appeared malnourished, underweight, and with pale complexions and dark rings under their eyes.”

On Wednesday, YouTube took action against the channel. They have “demonetized” the channel so Hackney will no longer be able to benefit financially from the abuse and imprisonment of her adopted children, which bordered on the austerity of slavery.

YouTube still allows users to view the content on the Fantastic Adventures channel – knowing that people will be interested now that Hackney is in the headlines.

What do you think about the allegations of her abuse?

Sources: Jezebel / Photo Credit: Post Image

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