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Mom Goes To Check On Her Son After Surgery, 'Tears Up' When She Sees Nurse With Him

Photo Credit: WNEP

Photo Credit: WNEP

5-year-old Slade Thompson woke up after his tonsil surgery, and all he wanted was to be cared for and snuggled. That’s when a kind-hearted nurse stepped in and fulfilled his wishes.

The sweet moment was caught on camera, and has been shared hundreds of times on social media.

Slade had come to UPMC last month to get his tonsils removed, his second surgery in the year. He waited patiently for his friend, nurse Annie Hager, to get to him.

Photo Credit: WNEP

Photo Credit: WNEP

"He's been through a lot this last year," Slade's mother, Layla Thompson, said. "We had been in the children's hospital, so we were kind of nervous just going to a hospital to have it done."

Slade’s surgery went well, and Layla was in the patient room waiting for news.

"They came out and said, 'He's awake,' and we thought, 'Oh, my goodness,'" she said.

Before she could go in to check on her son, a team of nurses had to check and record Slade’s vitals.

Photo Credit: WNEP

Photo Credit: WNEP

"When I told him Mom couldn't be there, he asked if I would snuggle him and I said, 'sure will," Annie Hager, a registered nurse at UPMC Susquehanna Health in Williamsport, said.

Hager’s help alleviated Layla’s concerns, who now felt that her son was in safe hands.

A single act of kindness and Layla's concerns for her son disappeared.

"You want someone to treat your child the way you would treat them, you know, so whenever I turned the corner and saw them, I looked at my fiancé and we both went, 'Aww!' We both started getting a little teary-eyed," she said.

Photo Credit: WNEP

Photo Credit: WNEP

She took a photo of the moment and posted it on social media.

"Anyone that works up there would have done the same thing," Hager maintained.

When Slade and his mom visited the hospital for another appointment, they brought flowers and a hug for Slade’s new friend.

"I cried, yeah," Hager said. "It's humbling."

Sources: America Now

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