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Missing Nudes: Tourist Loses Phone with Dozens of Racy Pics in France


A French tourist is asking Britons to help her find a black Lumix GX80 camera filled with her topless pictures that she accidentally lost during her tourist visit to the Isle of Skye on May 16.

Freelance Web Editor Lily Mika is desperate to recover her camera after she accidentally left it next to Loch nan Eilean near Sligachan while taking “artistic topless photos” in her favorite spots.

Speaking with MailOnline, the Travel blogger said: "I realized when leaving for the airport that my camera wasn’t in the bag, I immediately remembered where I had it last.

So we searched on Google Maps with satellite pictures and we found the rest area. I asked for help on social media and at least 15 people went there in the following days to have a look for us but they didn’t find anything.

I’m taking artistic topless pictures in the most beautiful places that I visit. My goal is to publish a book with these pictures to empower women, encourage them to become more free and confident and to do what they want. I also want to raise awareness about breast cancer.” Mika shared in MailOnline.

The French tourist also mentioned, “The topless picture is not for catching attention, they are the reason I want to do everything to find my camera. All of this is not about the money, the pictures inside are very important for me.

If I’m lucky enough to reach the people who found my camera and if they were nice enough to send it back, I’d be so thankful and I would be really happy to welcome them in France in my region to take them around for a tour, as I was a tourist guide there.

And if they keep the camera, please at least send me back the SD card so that I can get my pictures. I believe we can all make a difference in someone’s life, once in a while and the people who found my camera would make a big one in mine if they would return it.”

Sources: Mirror / Photo Credit: Google

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