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Michigan Strip Club Faces Backlash From Residents Over 'Controversial' Sign


A strip club in Michigan drew flak from the locals after posting a joke sign which offered jobs to new graduates. The sign’s post said that they were looking for “gorgeous, confident, and talented women that can own the dance floor,” with no mention of the specific age requirements, but was aimed at the fresh graduates of high schools of 2016.

The topless bar club in Harrison, which is named Miceli’s Corner, had gone viral for their controversial message on their sign, which wrote: “Now Hiring Class of 2016.”


The sign has then gone viral on social media, often taking criticism and outrage from the local residents, saying that the sign was giving young girls a message that just wasn’t right.

Lisa Mulholland, a local from the city, said that the club’s sign was inappropriate and send the wrong message to high school graduates.

She also told WNEM: “If you’re a graduate you want to go to college.”

She does admit that she herself has no issue with the club, but that the sign was just in very poor taste. “They’re good people, but I still don’t think it’s right. I don’t think it’s right at all,” Mulholland said in her interview.


Another resident, Lisa Dickerson, had also agreed to her statement.

“Children fresh out of high school shouldn’t be taking their clothes off for money. I think it’s sickening,” she continues.

The club had not immediately responded to phone calls regarding the sign, but they have issued an official apology to WNEM, saying that the sign has just ‘mean to be a joke.”

“In no way were we trying to offend anybody. The sign was simply a joke,” the statement said.


The club has been around since the 1970’s and offers the visitors with “mild and welcoming atmosphere” where the “girls will take your mind off your daily troubles” as you listen to “the most modern music.”

Sources: Gephardt Daily / Photo Credit: SanVic

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