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Meet The Homeless Man That Makes More Per Day Than You Do

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In London, there is a homeless man who makes more per day than most average people. He is a so-called “Rough Sleeper,” who goes by the name of Darren. Although Darren looks down and out and spends the majority of his days on the street begging for small change, he actually has an apartment in the neighborhood of Brixton, London where he returns to in the lap of luxury after his busy day of begging.

Because Darren earns more money per day as a beggar than he ever could doing an honest job, he is happy with his life. He doesn’t mind that people pity him and look down on him for his circumstances. He just takes their money and uses it to afford luxuries that most people cannot afford.


Darren told Ed Stafford (pictured above with a beard), who works for a British television show that he usually earns at least a few hundred dollars each day. But he doesn’t have to work the entire day to make ends meet. After he earns about $130, which he can sometimes do before noon, he returns to his London apartment and enjoys a relaxing afternoon.

Although he earns a lot of money on the street, Darren also happily takes government benefits to keep his lazy lifestyle afloat.


How does Darren (pictured above) earn so much money? He targets drunk people coming out of pubs and bars. He knows that he can shine them his “puppy dog” eyes and they’ll shower him with cash.

Although he usually makes more than a hundred dollars in a few hours, on his best days, he admitted to the TV reporter that he could make as much as $780 in a day as a beggar.


Ed Stafford is a veteran of the army where he served as a captain. He also previously trekked through the Amazon Rainforest in South America. As part of the TV program, Ed lived as a homeless man throughout the United Kingdom for two months. He wanted to see what life was like for the homeless and how many of them were simply scamming the population out of their hard-earned money. He discovered that there were more scammers than he ever imagined – and Darren was the master of them all.

Darren just wants to live the easy life, taking from the people of London and using the cash to feed his lifestyle.


He even offers Ed (above) some advice on how to take the most amount of money he can from Londoners.

“Make sure you position yourself against a wall,” Darren said. “Put your property behind you no one can steal it. If you get pound coins in your pot – take them out. Otherwise, people can take them.”


Besides Darren, who has the London apartment, Ed met another man by the name of Neil. He earns as much as $50 in half an hour of begging. That’s enough to get him through the day. Ed owns a home where he lives with his son.

“I do feel a bit of a c*** not being homeless,” Ed admitted. “I’m a drug addict – I’ve got to feed it somehow.”

What do you think about London’s rich homeless people?

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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