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McDonald's Removes Halloween Decoration After Customers Complained It Was 'Offensive'


Erik Pocock, a customer from North Andover, Massachusetts had complained to the local outlet in McDonalds for showing a very seemingly grotesque Halloween decoration that featured a hanged man by a noose under a tree, sharing his concerns on Twitter regarding the aforementioned decorations and demanding an explanation.

Pocock told WHDH-TV that he did not first notice the disturbing details of the sticker, initially hidden by a spooky tree with a few jack-o-lanterns. He later on saw the decal with the man hanging by the branches from his neck, in what appeared to him as lynching.


“We saw these Halloween decorations right under the registers and we were like 'oh that's cool, then we looked closer and we were really shocked.” Pocock said.

Many did not seem to agree, stating that the decoration did not have any overtly racial message, however some did raise their concerns of the image being offensive and have also questioned the local news station pertaining to the incident as well.

“We deeply regret that these decorations were on display, and as soon as we identified the inappropriate content, we immediately removed the decorations display,' the owner of the franchise Chuck Lietz, had stated in an interview.


'Creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all our guests and employees is critically important to us, and we apologize for any unintended offense they may have had on our community.'

Lietz did not clarify if the said decoration had been supplied by the official franchise or by the company, nor clarified if this decoration had been personally purchased by their employees.

'It's extremely insensitive and offensive, they really should have thought twice about it,' Pocock responds.


This is not the first time a franchise had been complained with their chosen Halloween decor for this year, as this is only one from the many corporate entities who had faced public lash from this year’s Halloween Eve.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: WCVB Channel 5

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