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McDonald’s Customers Notice Encounter Between Black Teen And Cop, Pull Out Their Phones And Record It

Photo credit: Jayy Delarosa/Facebook

Photo credit: Jayy Delarosa/Facebook

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports across the country that suggest more and more Americans are having positive interactions with police officers despite changing attitudes about police departments and wider conversation about police reform.

The heartwarming moment when a police officer paid for a black teenager’s meal at a Texas McDonald’s was captured on camera by a witness.

The image quickly went viral after it was posted on Facebook and has been shared over 2,000 times in two days.

The teenager, wearing a maroon shirt in the photo, pulled out his wallet to pay for his food before Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Michael Calhoun decided to treat the young man, KAGS reports.

"No man, I got it," he said. "Get what you want."

The photographer, Jayy Delarosa, captioned the Facebook photo with:

Took this picture [just] bout 5 mins ago here at the Mc Donalds here on Texas ave. The guy in the maroon shirt [was] gonna pay for his food and when he pulled out his wallet the officer said "no man I got it. Get what [you] want" there is good police officers out there not all are bad. This touched my heart.


Sources: KAGS, Jayy Delarosa/Facebook

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