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Matt Damon Pledges To Leave USA Over Trump, Gets Big Surprise

Matt Damon says he is fed up with President Donald Trump policies on immigration and gun control. So, he is moving his family out of the United States, and conservatives across the country are actually celebrating. Damon thinks he’s going to a country that would be safer for his four kids, but he just got a nasty surprise. Mark Damon is a typical Hollywood leftist. Out of touch with the majority of Americans lives. Damon lives in some fantasy land where he believes communistic dictators are a good thing. He also believes that government can cure all the ills of society and leftist, socialistic policies can create a utopia.

So he is moving to Australia because Australia is the utopia according to the anti-gun crowd. However, Damon is in for a nasty surprise when it comes to Australia gun policies and their immigration system. Page Six reports that Matt Damon is moving his family to Australia and probably because the liberal star is fed up with President Trump. Damon, 47, has reportedly purchased a property in Byron Bay, New South Wales according to the Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph. The home is next door to the place owned by Chris Hemsworth with whom Damon recently appeared in the movie “Thor: Ragnarok.”

A source exclusively told Page Six that Matt is telling friends and colleagues in Hollywood that he is moving the family to Australia because the activist actor disagrees with President Trump’s policies. If you’ve been paying any attention to these screaming anti-second amendment goons, they all point to Australia as a place we should model our gun policy after.

One other reason Damon hates Trump is because of the immigration policy, mainly that we in America prefer borders. Idiots like Damon must not know Australia has a tough immigration policy, much tougher than what is currently in the United States, and here is the kicker – it is merit-based.

Donald Trump has praised Australia’s ‘merit-based’ immigration system as an economic boon to the country, in contrast to the US system which, he argued before Congress, costs America ‘many billions of dollars a year.’’’ The Guardian Reported.

Most conservatives were posting on social media “goodbye, good riddance” type tweets to Damon. “Rider for Trump” tweeted, “If little md [Matt Damon] has a tweeter account he must be hiding! I hope he stops by a Consulate on his way out and renounces his citizenship and that of his entire family!”

Other outlets are reporting that he is in the process of buying property there, but he was trying to keep it on the down low. Page Six has not retracted the report nor updated it, so we will continue to keep an eye on Damon’s whereabouts. Trump supporters sure are celebrating, so let’s hope one of the Hollywood crowd is finally keeping their promise to move if Trump got elected.

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