Marine Banned From Disney World, Kicked Out Of Bar Over This Hat

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Dion Cini, 50, risked his life for the United States during his years of service in the Marines. Now he has been banned from the second establishment because of his love for Trump. The most recent place to kick the Marine veteran to the curb was Jake’s Dilemma, a bar in Manhattan. The staff booted him from the establishment after he showed up wearing a red MAGA visor.

Although bar staff claim that he was banned because of his behavior, not his political beliefs, Cini begs to differ. The staff claim he was making loud racist remarks and being loud and obnoxious. He had pounded back three beers in less than an hour and ate an order of fish and chips before the bar kicked him out.


For cash, Cini operates a pro-Trump memorabilia website called Trump Swag. He also has a very controversial suggestion for who should run for the presidency in 2024 – he thinks it should be Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Because Cini lives in New York, where he is surrounded by a swarm of Democrats and liberals, he wears on the hat as a way to grind people’s gears.


During his time at Jake’s Dilemma, Cini reportedly made anti-Semitic remarks.

In a video showing Cini get booted from the establishment, he repeatedly asks the bartender, “It’s because I’m wearing my hat, right?”

Because was filming the video himself, he turned it on himself and clarified that the hat was a MAGA “Trump hat.”


In the footage, the bartender does not even dignify the former Marine with a response. He simply flashes Cini a thumbs up.

Because Cini made a big deal about getting tossed out of the bar, the bar owner has come forward to clarify that the hat was not the reason he was kicked to the curb. Instead, he was booted out because of the “obnoxious” and “racist” remarks he had been making the entire time he was there.


The owner said, “He was being very loud and obnoxious. He was talking over the music and making people feel uncomfortable that were around him. Then he started saying some racist remarks, which is when the bartender said, ‘Ok, enough. Enough with this guy.’”

Although he had been wearing the MAGA hat the entire time, it was not until he revealed his racism was he booted from Jake’s Dilemma.


The bar owner also said, “We would like everyone to know that we strive to remain completely apolitical and welcome customers with all beliefs and affiliations with the same first-rate level of customer service. Jake’s Dilemma is not a place promoting any specific political ideology nor a place where we want anyone to feel unwelcome. With all this in mind, we do fully acknowledge that one of our employees took it upon himself to wrongly promote his political views. We can assure everyone that this employee has been disciplined and will be retrained before being allowed to serve at Jake’s Dilemma.”


Cini had previously been banned from Walt Disney World when he held a Trump 2020 sign for the photo opportunity while going down Splash Mountain.

Sources: Daily Mail Online / Photo Credit: Post Image

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