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Man Who Went To Prison For What He Did To 3-Month-Old Gets Taste Of Prison Justice

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In the United Kingdom, James King is a household name. King was one of the country’s most notorious child molesters and pedophiles to ever live on the island. But when the child rapist learned that other inmates in prison had taken “contracts” out on him to attack him, he decided to do the only thing he could to defend himself – the pedophile committed suicide.

James King also went by the name Robin Hollyson while he was abusing a three-month-old baby. King/Hollyson filmed himself sexually assaulting the infant and was convicted of his crime. He was just four months into his 24-year prison sentence for child rape. That’s when prison guards found him nonresponsive inside his prison cell at the HMP Bristol in January 2016.


The pedophile was rushed to a hospital but was not able to be saved. He was pronounced dead two days later.

After he was found unconscious, guards found two suicide notes at the scene of the incident. But it was a bit bizarre when guards found cellmate Cona Ellis covered in King’s blood and wearing the child rapist’s watch.

Ellis raised the alarm when he was awakened by “gargling noises” that were coming from the notorious child rapist.

Later he changed his story, saying that he watched King hang himself, but was not involved. In a way, he was glad that the world was gone with one child rapist. Ellis told prison officer Mike Simmonds about this second story, watching the molester “off himself.”

Although Ellis may have been near and even watching as King hanged himself, police have filed no charges, and the death was described as non-suspicious.

Nevertheless, a jury inquest was made into the death. Fellow inmate John Denham told Avon Coroners Court that there had been “contracts” taken out against King, attempting to hurt him and potentially pour hot water on him or give him a “black eye or two” because of his abuses against innocent children.

After the suicide, the pedophile’s mother Deborah Wyatt said that he was subjected to verbal abuse and bullying by other inmates. He also told his mother that he worried other prisoners would attack him with a concoction involving hot water and sugar, which is known as sugaring. It would cause very painful burns and a lot of pain.

During one of his mother’s visits, King described how one of his co-defendants had already been sugared and that talk around the prison “suggested to us that the attack on Matthew as intended for him.”

King was not the only pedophile convicted in 2015. He was one of a group of child abusers who were convicted for harming babies and very young children and for distributing images of their abused online back in October 2015.

As the truth got out about what he had done to babies, King said he suffered from anxiety and depression. It was also stated that he previously attempted suicide.

The prison chaplain thought the 31-year-old child rapist was doing better because he started reading the Bible and took up a prison job. But not even that could stop him from living with the truth of his crimes.

Sources: Independent / Photo Credit: Post Image

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