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Masked Men Torture Dog Breeder, Police Say

A Detroit dog breeder was tied, beaten and had his ear cut off, possibly in retaliation for his involvement in dog fighting, according to police.

The 52-year-old dog breeder had at least 16 pit bulls chained up in the backyard of one of his homes, as well as another dozen dogs which were living in the basement of the house, FOX 2 notes. The dogs were reportedly emaciated and living in filthy conditions.

The breeder was reportedly feeding his dogs at one of his properties when three masked men approached him and forced him inside the house, according to his family. The breeder and two tenants were tied up, and the breeder was reportedly tortured by the men.

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According to the victim’s cousin, Marty Johnson, the three men “tied [the dog breeder] up; they beat him up pretty bad; broke ribs; broke fingers; stabbed him with ice pics; cut his ear off.”

Police sources told FOX 2 that the men may have targeted the breeder due to a possible connection to dog fighting.

Johnson said the attack was very personal.

"He has wife; he has family; he has kids," Johnson said. "They made an accusation, talking about, 'If we catch your wife and daughter, we are raping them. We're going to do this, we're going to do that.' I mean, c'mon."

The masked men left the property with the victim’s ear and his minivan.

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Despite the allegations, the victim’s family said he is not involved in dog fighting.

“No, he don’t fight dogs,” the victim’s brother, who wished to remain unidentified, said. “He breeds dogs. He has a lot of dogs. He’s been like that since we were kids.”

The incident and the victim’s breeding practices are currently under investigation by Detroit police, who believe there is much more to the case.

Many Facebook users commented on the case, and many expressed support for the masked men and distaste for the dog breeder’s possible involvement in dog fighting.

“I don’t feel bad either way those poor dogs were living just awful!!” one user wrote on the FOX 2 Facebook page. “He was not [an] animal lover no way would [an] animal lover have those dogs tied up in those big chains and living in that dirty muddy mess!!”

“A dog lover gave him pay back,” another user wrote.

Sources: FOX 2, FOX 2/Facebook / Photo Credit: FOX 2

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