Man Urinates On 9-Year-Old's Memorial, Claims He Doesn't Remember Doing It

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Charges have been brought against two men who were responsible for desecrating a memorial dedicated to Christian Clopp, a 9-year-old boy who died of brain cancer.

One man was seen on video urinating on the memorial while the second man recorded the incident.


Clopp’s family saw the video on social media and notified Hamilton police. They maintained that they did not know the men.

Police stated that Bryan Bellace, from Egg Harbor, urinated on the memorial as his friend, Daniel Flippen of Hammonton, shot the video. Bellace was charged with lewdness and criminal mischief while Flippen was charged with having an open beer at the park.


Their motive is still unknown, and as of Monday it wasn’t clear whether either man got a lawyer.

Christian Clopp passed away in 2012.


The memorial was disinfected by volunteers after they learnt of the incident.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: CBS Philly

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