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Man Tries To ‘Rescue’ Bear, Bear Decides It Doesn’t Need ‘Rescue’

Bears have been making it in the headlines recently. For example, Andrew Renner of Alaska received jail time after he led his teenage son into a hibernating mother bear’s den and shot her and her two infant cubs. Video footage from the scene showed the father-and-son pair skinning the bear and killing her babies. Now another clip of a bear in India is making the rounds online – and this one is a bit different because the bear is not the victim.

In the footage, you’ll watch forest worker Kumar trying to move a bear to a safer location in the forest. Because the bear was spotted walking around the Velugodu Reservoir, which is located in Andhra India, Kumar was sent to get the bear out of the area and take it back to its natural habitat.


To do that, Kumar used ropes and ties. He decided it would be easier to restrain the predator as he tried to carry it away from the open water back to where the bear belonged in the forest.

In the footage, you’ll see that Kumar has the bear right where he wants it. But suddenly the bear breaks free from the ropes that tied it in place, and it rushed straight toward Kumar with murderous intentions.

Although the mission was to rescue the bear, things took a turn for the worst when the bear started mauling Kumar. The forest worker dashed into the reservoir hoping to escape the claws of the bear.

Because the other forest workers were ill-prepared for the incident, they started hurling rocks at the creature, trying to stop it from attacking their co-worker. Eventually, it worked.


Kumar survived and was later rushed to the Kurnool General hospital, where he was treated for bear attack wounds. He is reported to be in stable condition but is still recovering from the mauling.

The footage is alarming and has been spreading across various platforms online. People are talking about it because it reminds us that nature is still very much untamable. Although people like to think that they’re in control of everything in their lives, it becomes clear that we are not – and this couldn’t be made more obvious than in a situation like this.

Kumar has no hope but to try to escape the bear by running into the reservoir’s water. He hopes that the animal will not chase him into it.


Because the other forest workers hurled rocks at the bear, they managed to stop the attack. Eventually scaring it off just enough to keep it away from the man in a vulnerable position.

Because this was an accident and the bear felt threatened, they have not euthanized the animal. Instead, they continued the original mission, which was to rescue the bear and restore it back to its regular habitat in the woods. The bear had wandered too far from home and needed help getting back.

While Kumar was taken to the hospital, his coworkers and other forest officials resumed their work and eventually succeeded in bringing the bear back to where it belonged.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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