Killer Carves 666 Into Face, Quickly Realizes Mistake

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A Nebraska killer made a big mistake while trying to carve the number "666" into his forehead.

Nikko Jenkins, who was convicted of killing four people in Omaha in 2013, allegedly tried to carve the number "666" into his forehead, possibly channeling Charles Manson, who famously carved a swastika between his eyes while in prison.

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However, Jenkins was using a mirror and accidentally used nines instead of sixes.

According to The Omaha World-Herald, Jenkins told Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon that he attempted to carve the Number of the Beast into his face because he had not been receiving treatment for his mental illness.

It is suspected that Jenkins may be using the self-mutilation to avoid his death-penalty hearing by declaring incompetence.

He pulled a similar stunt in 2014, which resulted in a delay of his death penalty hearing.

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In February, Jenkins took self-mutilation to the extreme when he used a prison guard's badge to slice his own penis.

Jenkins has previously claimed that he acts according to orders from a serpent god, notes the New York Daily News.

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