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Man Shoots Police Officer 7 Times Leaving Him In Critical Condition, Gunman's Family Sues Officer

Note: we are republishing this story amid nationwide discussion regarding police accountability and the relationship between police officers and their communities.

On Monday, the family of a man shot by a Casper police officer last year in an incident that left another officer with life-threatening injuries sued the city, police department, and officers for $500,000 and other compensation.

In the complaint drafted by a Wyoming attorney and filed in federal court, Daniel Wolosin wrote: "Defendants Officer (Jacob) Carlson and Officer (Randi) Garrett's unlawful and unwarranted acts, lack of training, and deviation from official customs or policies of law enforcement agencies at large, unlawfully caused David Wolosin's injuries and death."

According to the complaint, David Wolosin had the right to carry a weapon and use it in self-defense, had the right to be free from unconstitutional searches and seizures, and the right to due process.

Casper City Attorney John Henley stated that he was shocked, disappointed, and saddened by the complaint.

On the early afternoon of Sunday, May 6, 2018, Officer Randi Garrett responded to a report of David letting a child drive a sedan in an empty parking lot, with another child in the car. The two were David’s nephews.

Officer Jacob Carlson arrived soon after as the backing officer.

According to video released by the Casper Police Department, Carlson walked from his patrol car to the white sedan, where Garrett was already speaking with David.

Carlson is seen talking to David, who is on his cell phone, as he tries to back away.

According to the lawsuit, David was saying, "Please give me some space. Please back up, please."

The video then shows Carlson shoving David, who pulls out a gun and fires at Carlson, who falls to the ground.

A shootout ensues and the officers take cover behind the sedan, where the children are still inside.

An investigation determined that David was killed by a round from Garrett's gun.

Carlson spent about a month in the Wyoming Medical Center, and his heart stopped beating multiple times during surgery. He retired from the force.

The Natrona County District Attorney's Office and Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation conducted a joint investigation, which ultimately cleared Garrett and Carlson of any wrongdoing.

Daniel Wolosin, who is representing himself in the lawsuit, is not seeking compensation.

However, his wife Kayla, brother and sister-in-law Stephen and Jillian Wolosin and their two minor children, and Wolosins' parents Carl and Harriet Wolosin mentioned the following damages in the complaint and requested compensation: loss of companionship; love and guidance; feeling of injustice; and apologies from the officers and the city.

According to Daniel, the children want compensation for the impact on their quality of future life and the infliction of emotional harm by the ambulance driver after David's death.

Each child is seeking $100,000, and the parents are seeking $300,000.

According to Henley, the Wyoming Attorney General's Office will represent Carlson and Garrett.

Sources: K2 Radio

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