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4 Florida Thugs Shot Man's Dog Upon Invading His Home

Florida thugs really need to be put in their place. On one recent Monday night, Shawn Peterson was in his apartment with his girlfriend when 4 armed thugs invaded his apartment. He was alerted by the noise from how they kicked on his back door. 

On hearing the sound of the invaders, Peterson and his girlfriend ran into the room for safety. Zeus, his courageous dog charged up at the thugs to protect its owners only to get shot in the head.

"I was home with my girlfriend on that Monday night. It was around 10:30 pm when I heard a loud bang on my back door. Zeus dashed out to check what was going on, then I heard a gunshot". Peterson reported. As if it wasn't enough for them to retreat after shooting innocent Zeus. The heartless and brazen punks still pressed further. The couple was angered by the thug's brazenness and at this point, they were ready for a violent payback.

After shooting Zeus, the thugs pushed to go into the house. According to Peterson, one of them met him at the door with a gun. He got fed up with the thugs' untamed attitude. He shouted out to his girlfriend who was in the closet to throw his shotgun. The situation then turned out to be everything the thugs didn't expect. " I caught my gun and I fired one time, and I guess it hit the guy in the chest or whatever " were Peterson's words.

The Thug's never expected what happened that night. Immediately one of them got fired, they had to rush him out and fled the apartment. A news was later heard about a dead person outside Ocala Health Summerfield Emergency Room. The identity wasn't known but was suspected to be the dead body of one of the thugs Peterson released fire on.


The case with Peterson will instill a little fear into these so-called thugs. We are tired of hearing cases of break-ins by some good-for-nothing thugs. Why should anyone even go around stealing from others what they can't earn on their own? Many Americans are ready to be like Peterson. Every American parent should raise their children well. We are tired of these little thugs coming to disturb our peace. You don't have to leave everything to the government. Get a grip over yourself, make some money and send your kid to college. Raise them to be something better and different from being thugs.

Peterson did something that many people wouldn't dare. However, this is a good way to put these thugs where they belong. Dreading them will give them some sort of confidence to keep breaking into the homes of law-abiding Americans. Though he only got one of them, but it's a win-win end for Peterson. Zeus was taken to a vet hospital to get treated from the bullet wound. A full recovery is expected and Zeus will be a hero again.  

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