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Man Pre-Records Audio Message To Play At His Funeral, Makes Mourners Cry From Laughter


Funerals are often a sad and heartbreaking moment for those left by their dearly departed ones, making them serious occasions overcome with tears and emotions.

Fortunately, a man from Dublin, Ireland, decided to make his last parting message a humorous and memorable one for his family and friends. His pre-recorded message clearly depicted his personality; a happy, jolly, and witty man.

Shay Bradley had been laid to rest by his loving family and friends, but as they lowered his coffin to the ground, they suddenly heard his voice, which seemed to come from underneath the coffin.

The audio began with a ‘knock, knock, knock’ sound. After the bagpipes’ melody, Shay’s voice could be heard shouting “hello? …hello?!” as if he was reaching out from inside the coffin. “Let me out! Where the f*ck am I?!” he continued, earning a chuckle from his friends and family.

The priest smiled as he heard Shay’s words from beyond the grave: “Hello, hello! Let me out, it’s f*cking dark in here, where the f*ck am I? Is that that priest I can hear?” This was probably one of the most unique funerals the priest had officiated.

His daughter, Andrea, commented on the viral Twitter post by Ciarán, “My Poppabear. Thanks for sharing Ciaran #shayslastlaugh.”

Ciarán replied, “He was definitely a man after my own heart. Sorry for your loss. He's making people smile as you can see from the comments. Hope he got the sendoff he deserved. I'd say you'll never run out of stories. Thinking of you all. R.I.P.”

It is clear that Shay will be dearly missed by those he left behind, having left a bittersweet memory for them to cherish.

Sources: Unilad / Photo Credit: Lakho Videos

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