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Man Is Shocked To See What's Happened To The Huge Shark He Hooked After Reeling It In (Video)


An Australian fisherman was shocked when he caught a giant shark half devoured by an even bigger creature. However, it might surprise you to know that all of this happened right before the shark was hauled into the boat.

Jason, the fisherman, reported that he wasn’t exactly sure what ate the shark. He further reported that had the shark not been half devoured, its entire body would have weighed up to 250 kilograms, as its head alone weighed about 100 kilograms.

Jason discovered yet another surprise about the shark’s life after reeling it into his boat. A detached marlin’s bill was found embedded into the shark’s flesh. Jason figured that the shark must have been involved in a serious battle with a marlin in its past.

A closer look at the shark revealed that it must have been bitten by a very large predator. Jason speculated that the bigger predator could have been a tiger shark which was apparently very prominent in the waters where the event took place. In fact, tiger sharks can grow up to 10-16 feet long and weigh up to 1500 pounds.

A professor at the University of Southampton speculated that the shark Jason caught was most likely devoured due to its increased vulnerability while being caught on a hook. He also added that sharks face constant struggles against other predators and many end up being bitten by bigger predators so the event wasn’t necessarily as rare as you might think.

According to another report from the Florida Program of Shark Research, a great white shark might have been the bigger predator.

Sources: CNN / Photo Credit: Trapman Bermagui

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