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Man In Country Illegally Does Something Truly Awful

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On Thursday night, a young woman’s life ended. Her name was Paige Gomer, and she was 28-years-old and from Hinton, Oklahoma. But when she came in contact with a man, her life ended. Now Canadian County police believe they have that suspect in custody and his name is Hector Martine Ontiveros, 33. Police finally caught up with Ontiveros on Thursday night about an hour after Gomer was shot and killed in the area around Highway 37 and Karnes Road in the southwestern portion of Canadian County.

When police caught up with Ontiveros around 9 pm that same night of the murder, he was quick to admit a few things. According to a press release from Sheriff West, Ontiveros admitted: “he was responsible for firing a weapon, which resulted in Gomer’s fatal gunshot wound.”


To make matters worse, Ontiveros is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. Not only did he cross the border illegally, but he also committed murder while in the United States.

A friend of the victim, Sosha Christmas, was supposed to meet up with Gomer but never got the opportunity because she was shot and killed.

“We were supposed to meet up and I just never got the time to,” said Sosha Christmas. “It just shows live every day like your last.”

Christmas is saddened by the news of her long-time friend’s death. Not only did she not get a chance to say goodbye, she never got to hang out with her that night.

“She would always help me through the worst times,” Christmas remembers.

Police were alerted to a shooting along Highway 37 and rushed over to the scene as quickly as they could.

When they got there, they chased down 33-year-old Ontiveros and charged him with first-degree murder.

After Christmas learned about the suspected killer, she wanted to see if any of Gomer’s other friends recognized his face.

“I sent people his mug shot, and no one knows who he was,” said Christmas.

It is disheartening for Christmas not to be able to find a connection between the victim and her killer. Was it just a random act of violence?

Sheriff Chris West confirmed Ontiveros is a Mexican citizen saying “We are still actively involved in this investigation where an American citizen died in the hands of an illegal alien in Canadian County.”

Christmas hopes the justice system does a number on Ontiveros. She hopes that he rots in jail at the American taxpayer expense.

“I just hope he never gets out,” said Christmas. “I hope he never gets to see freedom again. I don’t know who he is, but I hope he gets what he deserves.”

Because he admitted to firing the weapon that killed Gomer, the Canadian County police are holding Ontiveros without bond.

Gomer leaves behind a daughter, Christmas said. She also wants people to remember Gomer as a great person.

“She always had your back always,” said Christmas “She was just a phone call away.”

Do you think that Ontiveros will serve life in an American jail?

Sources: ABC Tulsa / Photo Credit: Post Image

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