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Man Goes Missing After Snorkeling In River, Then Crocodile Surfaces With This In Its Mouth (Video)

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A day of snorkeling in the river turned into a scene from a horror movie in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Darlin Uti, who was 30 years old, went snorkeling in one of Indonesia’s rivers to supposedly fix an underwater pipe. However, Darlin was unable to complete his task as he was eventually attacked by a crocodile living in the river. Darlin’s sister witnessed the incident from the river bank and attempted to save Darlin by pulling his snorkeling air hose.

However, her attempts were futile. The crocodile was able to successfully plunge its teeth into Darlin’s crotch and drag his entire body into the depths of the river.

Authorities were immediately informed of the situation and a search was initiated for Darlin.

The next day, the Search and Rescue team were able to spot Darlin’s body. However, it was still unfortunately clamped to the crocodile’s jaws. In a video taken by the team, one can see how Darlin’s lower legs and feet stick out of the water as the crocodile surfaces from the depths of the river.

The rescuers quickly worked on retrieving Uti’s body from the crocodile’s jaws. Uti’s body remained intact despite the crocodile’s deathly grasp. The body was returned to his grieving family for a proper funeral.

One of the members of the search and rescue team, Usmanudin, stated that one of the contributing factors to Uti’s death was the bleeding from the large bite wound on his groin which was inflicted by the crocodile’s bite.

Usmanudin further stated that the Malaoge river, where the incident happened, is a habitat for many crocodiles and this incident serves as a reminder to the community to take caution when going in the water.

Just two days after Darlin’s death, another 35-year-old man named Subli also lost his life to a crocodile. Subli was merely washing his hands in a canal.

Furthermore, the Natural Resources Conservation Centre has reported an increase in the number of crocodile attacks in Indonesia this past year. 

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: BSW Topstories

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