Police Officers Allegedly Beat Woman, Then Assault Man Videotaping Them


Trenton, New Jersey resident Lael Queen was assaulted by police and torn up by a police dog last weekend. Just as concerning as what happened to him is why it allegedly happened. According to Queen, he was beaten and detained by police because he filmed officers beating another resident.

Queen tells the Trentonian that he was at a laundromat on the fourth of July when he saw Trenton Police Department officers roughing up a woman outside.

“They slammed her into the wall, slammed her onto the ground and then the other officer jumped on top of her and starting punching her in the face,” Queen said. “I pulled out my camera phone and started recording them assaulting the girl.”

When officers saw Queen filming, they yelled at him and said he was interfering with a police investigation.

“I told them I’m not interfering with anything,” Queen told the Trentonian. “I’m just videotaping y’all beating up this girl, which is my right.”

Queen walked away from the scene shortly after, but he did not get far before an officer approached him from behind and told him he was under arrest. Queen says that the officer started assaulting him seconds later and told him to stop resisting arrest.

“I’m not resisting arrest because I’m not under arrest, they’re attacking me,” Queen said. “Four or five other officers then jumped on me. They couldn’t wrestle me to the ground, so the officer that attacked me told the K-9 officer to sic the dog on me.”

Queen says that even after he was handcuffed, the officers and the K-9 dog continued attacking him.

“They had to choke the dog to get him off of me,” he said. “He was not responding to the call signs to let go of my leg.”

Queen was arrested following the incident and charged with obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and charging an officer. He is pleading not guilty to all charges.

“I never made a forward aggressive motion to them,” he says. “I got beat up because I videotaped them doing wrong. If cops were doing their job the right way, they shouldn’t have been concerned about me videotaping it. It’s just ridiculous what they do to us out here.”

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Source: The Trentonian


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