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Mailman Spends Weird Amount Of Time With Dog, Then Police Realize Why


There’s some disturbing news coming out of Minnesota. A mailman from a rural area outside of the small city of Crookston has been charged with two crimes. One is more expected while the other may turn your stomach. What has he been accused of? Well, 21-year-old mailman, Brian Chapman faces allegations of burglary and bestiality after he “did carnally know a dog.”

The man pictured in this article engaged in a “sexual act with a dog” while he was in the rural area beyond the city borders of Crookston. He committed the heinous crime while was delivering mail to a rural area. He saw the dog and decided it was his chance to live his bestial fantasy.


The dog’s owner filed the criminal complaint against the offending mailman. The owner said how he started to get suspicious of Chapman because “the mailman has been spending a long period of time in his garage.”

So why was the mailman spending time in the dog owner’s garage? Allegedly it was because he was getting his freak on with the canine.

Because the dog owner noticed how much time the mailman was spending in the garage, he considered calling the police to alert them to the problem and she was “going to call the post office to have them tell his mailman to stop going into his garage to leave packages.”

How does the homeowner know that the mailman spends a lot of time in his garage? Well, he gets notifications whenever he comes into the garage via his smartphone. As he told the police, he “gets notifications on his phone when someone comes onto his property.”

Because the homeowner was tired of the mailman abusing the access to the garage, he told police that he “wanted to know what the mailman was doing in his garage for long periods of time.” That sparked him to start a complete audit of the security footage he had on hand. What he found was downright disturbing.

The surveillance footage from February 7 showed that the mailman, Chapman, entered the garage around 1:30 pm. He set down the package and then began to start a “sexual act with a dog, which was in the garage.”

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kyle Olson knew about the footage and told reporters about how damning it was for Chapman.

Because Chapman entered the garage for another reason besides to deliver a package, he was charged with burglary, which was in addition to the bestiality charge.

Because the mailman was caught in the act and there is video footage to prove it, it is very unlikely that he will get away with the crime.

Most likely he will plead guilty to the crimes and try to negotiate a lighter sentence. If he tried to fight them in court, he would probably just lose since the video footage clearly shows him doing what the dog owner claims he did.

It goes without saying that he has been fired from his job.

What do you think about this criminal case?

Sources: The Smoking Gun / Photo Credit: Post Image

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