Look At What This Air Passenger Did To Make Himself "More Aerodynamic" Before Boarding His Flight (Video)

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Airport authorities detained a Russian man for reportedly trying to board an airplane while naked. The man defended his actions by claiming he took off his clothes so that he could be more aerodynamic.

Everything was normal as the man passed through the registration desk for a Ural Airlines flight departing from the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, Russia. However, once he got past this stage, he decided to take off his clothes and was completely naked as he approached the jet bridge. The naked man is believed to be from Yakutsk but currently lives in Moscow.

The man was motivated by the need to be more aerodynamic for a smoother flight

A fellow passenger who was interviewed by REN TV reported that the naked man decided to strip down because the man claimed clothes interfere with his body’s aerodynamics. Airport authorities stopped the naked man and told him that he could not board the plane. He was then taken to the airport’s medical room where he was examined.

Some of the eyewitnesses reported that the man did not appear to be drunk, joking that he just needed to be reminded about the dynamics of air travel. Some of the witnesses at the airport also took videos using their mobile phones. One of the videos shows the naked man standing in line to board the flight. Another video recorded the man while he was seated down in handcuffs after the airport police caught up with him.

The authorities are still investigating the incident and are yet to report their findings or conclusions as to what caused the man to react in this way. Shortly after the airport authorities took him in, he seemed to be staring blankly into oblivion, leading to speculation that he was delusional or might have been under the influence of drugs.

Rising cases of weird behavior in public

This naked man incident happened just a few weeks after a similar incident occurred in which a man lowered his pants and urinated in the middle aisle of a plane he was traveling on. In another case, one man crawled through a metro station naked in Moscow. The authorities reported that the man was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Doctors later reported that the man was under the influence of Narcotics at the time of the incident.

Sources: The Sun, Sputnik, The Moscow Times / Photo Credit: The Sun

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