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Leopard Grabs 5-Year-Old Girl, Eats Her

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In Pimpri Chinchwad, India, a little girl met her end when a spotted leopard attacked. The incident occurred about 50 miles outside of Pune on Sunday evening. The little girl was only five-years-old when the leopard stalked into Sakori village and ended the child’s life. This death marks the second time a young child lost their life to a leopard in the Pune district of India.

This is not the second time ever, but the second time within the last year that this has happened. The other attack occurred in the village of Yedganon of Junnar taluka, which is about ten or fifteen miles closer to Pune than Sakori. That attack occurred in January of this year.


The leopard attacked around 5 pm on Sunday. The victim was five-year-old Shrutika. The little girl and her grandmother went into the farmland to harvest maize so they could feed their animals. As they were harvesting the corn, the leopard drew closer and closer. It saw the little girl and realized that she was small and made an easy victim. It lunged out from the tall cornstalks and attacked, resulting in the mauling that would end the girl’s life in a matter of moments.

Although the girl was rushed to the local hospital, she did not survive long. The doctors at Manchar declared her dead when she arrived.


Leopards have become a problem for the people of India in the area of Pune. Because these big cats are killing little children at a faster rate than ever before, local authorities are taking action.

The first way to defend against leopards would be to install more cages to capture them when they get too close to town. The local authorities also hope to raise more awareness around the dangers of leopards so locals can be more aware of where they might be hiding if they go out into the surrounding fields and farmland.

Local authorities will also increase the number of patrols that are conducted.

“The victim’s family will be provided 15 lakh as per the rules. We handed over a check of 3 lakh to the family on Monday. The remaining amount will be deposited in the bank account of the parents as a fixed deposit,” assistant conservator of forest Shrimant Gaikwad said.


Although the local authorities have been able to give the family of the attacked girl a bit of money, it is not enough to make up for it. However, it will hopefully help them with funeral expenses as they deal with the aftermath of the leopard attack

On Monday, the day after the little girl was killed, a leopard was found near the village. It is unclear if it is the same leopard or another one that could have posed a threat to local children.

Because leopards are becoming a menace in the Pune area of India, locals are being more vigilant when they’re stepping outside of their homes. Apparently, the little girl was only in the area to visit her grandmother when she was exposed to the attack.

Sources: The Times of India / Photo Credit: Post Image

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