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Significant Meanings Of Coins on Gravestone

While visiting certain cemeteries, you may have noticed some carved designs adorned on gravestones. Some of these symbols may have different meanings to different religions -- indicating either ethnic identity, social organization, or individual occupation. 

I am pretty sure you might have noticed the flowers or coins on some gravestones -- there is a reason behind every artifact you see. Although some of these symbols may seem to have a straightforward interpretation, it can still be quite difficult to tell its exact meaning and significance.

You may have also noticed some gravestones with money and wondered why some visitors prefer to leave money on the headstone or even what the dead may need it for.

Well, now you'll know. 

Symbolic meanings of some coins

During the Vietnam War in US, leaving a coin was a way of showing respect by a military veteran to the deceased veteran and his family. However, according to some beliefs, the money is meant to be for maintenance or to the veteran's family probably to assist in the funeral. However, those different coin denomination may have their own distinct meanings with regards to who dropped them.


Leaving a penny on the grave is a way of showing appreciation to the deceased for his service whole on earth.


A nickel on the grave means you both trained at the boot camp with the deceased


If it’s a dime, it means you both served in some capacity during war.


By leaving a quarter, it simply means you were with the deceased when he was killed.

With every coin to it meaning, those random coins you see are not for fun. You can be like me and not pick them each time you see them. These are some things you should know each time you walk pass a cemetery.

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