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Amazing Benefits of Leaving A Bar Soap Under Your Sheets

It gets really frustrating when we pay expensive bills at the hospital to get treated for ailments that just won’t go away permanently. As a result, a lot of people are now looking for other natural remedies for their ailments. 

Restless Leg Syndrome is suffered by lots of people and it causes a very uncomfortable feeling in their legs which leads to serious leg cramps and it worsens at night. Dehydration, lack of minerals and vitamins and excessive exercise could cause leg cramps too.Most times, doctors don’t know the cause of restless leg syndrome but, certain medical conditions like kidney failure, pregnancy, Parkinson’s disease and so on, usually include symptoms of RLS.

A newly found natural remedy for RLS is putting a bar soap under your bed sheet. Bar soap has magnesium and doctors believe it reduces leg cramps.It sounds superstitious doesn’t it? But it works! A reasonable amount of people with RLS have testified to this home remedy.

“I herniated a disc in my lower back in 1997”, says one posted on Steady Health. “It was so bad that it caused nerve damage. I have suffered tremendous pain in my lower back and right leg for 11 years now. I was told to put a bar of soap under my sheets to help alleviate the pain. I try it, and it actually worked. I have not been able to sleep in my bed for almost 10 years. I’ve slept in a recliner all of that time. It has been my 3rd day with the bar soap between my sheets and I actually awoke this morning with NO pain whatsoever. I would recommend trying it. It knows it sounds so cooky, but so far so good. Hope this helps!!!”

“When my mother used soap to relieve pain and also leg cramps, I thought she might be fooling herself”, says another. “Now, I have several bars in bed with me each night, placing them wherever the pain appears from feet to head. It works for my husband and for me, and we also use any type of soap. It does not take away the reason for the pain, but it does allow me to get to sleep when the pain interferes. It is very much worth the try!”

It is advisable to use a soap with natural essential oil.

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